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Real-time control for your retail

Streamlined competitiveness

The world of retail and large-scale distribution has been profoundly changed by the digital revolution. The online stores represent a new model of interaction between retailers and customers which is today a strong competitive standard.
Traditional trade, however, still has many resources, and can improve its services and operations thanks to cutting-edge digital solutions.

New retail trends: pop-up stores and digital transformation

In-store smart delivery

The delivery of the goods is the most important and complex operational activity for retail. Cloud access control is a revolutionary tool for this activity.

  • Provide couriers with personal credentials for accessing shops
  • Scheduled access for couriers and employees
  • Real-time openings log
  • Real-time granting and revocation of login credentials

Advantages for staff and collaborators

Staff operation performance makes a point of sale unique in meeting customer requests. Coordination and speed of execution are key factors, cloud access control frees staff from physical impediments and allows them to operate at their best.

  • Eliminates the physical keys that must be copied, they may be lost, and they need to be handed over
  • It makes every employee immediately operational by providing the credentials suitable for its role directly on personal smartphone
  • Logs access event in real-time to maximize security

Remote control and costs saving

Controlling several stores and warehouses is a costly and resource-intensive activity. Cloud access control reduces or removes these costs, naturally scaling with the company, even in international contexts.

  • Implement professional access control on any structure without complex work on masonry and passages
  • A single control system for any number of buildings
  • Real-time remote control of points of sale and warehouses
  • Opening of the gates remotely on any structure


An access control system that seamlessly integrates smart cameras and smart locks for safe management compliant to anti-Covid-19 measures.

Secure integration with our partners

Social distancing
Mask detection
Contact tracing
Traffic & Hot zones


Access control for the future retail sector

Luckey by Sofia Locks is the powerful and versatile management software for cloud access control.

  • Plug & play, compatible with any operating system, can be installed in an instant
  • Simple and intuitive interfaces for users and managers
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Integrated management of gates and resources (e.g. personal lockers)